Racine Locks and Dam

Quality Testing Services for US Army Corps of Engineers Project


Location: Mason County, West Virginia

Size: 1,530 feet long x 100 feet tall

SCOPE OF SERVICES -CSI worked alongside the Owner, Design Engineer and Contractor during the construction of the new Functional Replacement Dam (FRD). CSI provided construction testing services for work elements that included the installation of a sheet pile wall, reinforced drilled concrete shafts, underwater mud mat, structural concrete and structural steel construction. Final elements included a new parapet wall along the full length of the FRD and a final structural slab topping out the FRD to the level of the existing dam.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION – The repairs included: water-retaining integral powerhouse/intake structure and a cellular cofferdam non-overflow section connecting the powerhouse to the right abutment. Portions of the development include a short gravity section between the powerhouse and spillway, a 1,717-foot-long spillway, two lock structures at the left end of the spillway, and the left abutment.

PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS – 63,396 sf sheet pile installed, 9,087 cubic yards of grout, 1,117,800 lbs. of reinforcing steel, 5,170 cy of CLSM backfill, 2,510 cubic yards of shaft concrete,  470 cubic yards concrete slab, 4,541 cubic yards of secant piles,  41 Drilled shafts, 11,836 cubic yards of mass concrete.