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CSI continuously seeks qualified individual to add to our staff. If you are interested in joining the CSI team, we are excited to hear from you. Consulting Services Incorporated is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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Construction Engineering Professionals

CSI is seeking an experienced Construction Engineering Inspector to join team CSI. If interested, fill out the adjacent form and someone will contact you.

Construction Engineering Inspectors (CEI) will be performing construction testing and inspections on construction projects throughout Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, and Charlotte. Testing and inspection procedures may include, performing inspection of construction activities to ensure contractors work conforms to the requirements of the contract documents; document field testing activities, review approved plans, specifications, codes and submittals required for performing inspection and testing duties; prepare daily field reports and test data forms to document construction testing activities performed, communicating with project managers, field supervisors and Owners representative daily.

Position Requirements: A high school diploma is required. Certifications in the activity they are performing such as ACI Level I for concrete field testing and ICC Certification in Special Inspections for Special Inspections are preferred.