U of K Woodland Glen Student Housing

Location:  Lexington, Kentucky

Size:  887,000 SF

The University of Kentucky made a historic commitment of entering into an innovative "public-private partnership” with EdR Development to build new dormitories on the campus.  One of the major facets of this building initiative was the Woodland Glen Project, located on the site of the old Cooperstown Apartments area on the east side of campus.  The  Woodland Glen Project consists of resource efficient (LEED), multi-story buildings which currently house over 2,400 students.

CSI’s ICC Special Inspection services were used throughout construction process to ensure that the construction practices and materials were in accordance with the project plans and specifications. These services provided the owner a quality end product and helped to minimize delays and costly change orders.  The project contained extensive drilled piers, reinforced concrete columns, reinforced concrete foundations and both wood and metal framed walls.


International Code Council Inspections:

  • Inspection of Fabricators
  • Steel Construction
  • Concrete Construction
  • Masonry Construction
  • Wood Construction
  • Soil Construction
  • Drilled Pier Construction
  • Sprayed Fireproofing Construction 

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