Midwest Fertilizer

Emergency Geotechnical Engineering Services For Midwest Fertilizer

CSI Completed Our Geotechnical Services For The Project in 30 Days

A 30-day schedule is not usual, but it was needed for the this project. Most geotechnical firms would consider it impossible but CSI made it happen.

The work included 50 test pits, 107 borings, site surveying, rammed aggregate pier test pad, monitoring wells, cross hole seismic testing, downhole seismic testing, MASW seismic testing, value engineering, meetings in Denver, meetings in Houston, minimizing crop damage, UAV aerial mapping, geogrid test pad, rock coring down to 100-165 feet deep on all borings, repairing the site (a soybean field) back to original condition, soils lab testing in 5 different laboratories, 7 full geotechnical reports……ALL within 30 days! We had 10 drill rigs, 15 support trucks, a dozer, track hoe, a Geopier drill rig, skid loader, 5 ATV support vehicles and 2 water trucks (one with an 8,000 gallon capacity!). We had up to 35 people working on site on any one day……amazing efforts from all of our team.

“CSI has performed at an exceptional level of dedication and professionalism in accomplishing in 30 days what normally would have taken anyone else 90 days. You guys are amazing and I, as does the Midwest Fertilizer management team, truly appreciate what you’ve been able to accomplish in such a short time under very difficult conditions.” Mr. Bob Ellis, PE, Midwest Fertilizer Co.

A special thanks to all the CSI team, the drill crews, Utter Construction (that company gets things done!), several key consultants and Geopier/FSC…. and of course we humbly thank Jesus who is the One that really makes all things possible.


Emergency Geotechnical Services – 30 Day Turn Around
Valued Engineerging
Test Pits
Site Surveying
Rammed Aggregate Pier Test Pad
Monitoring Wells,
Seismic Testing,
Minimizing Crop Damage
UAV Aerial Mapping
Geogrid Test Pad,
Rock Coring
Repairing Site
Soils Lab Testing
Full Geotechnical Reports