ICC Certified


Experts In The Intricacies of Fire Safety, Structural Integrity & Safety Restrictions

As an ICC certified firm with unparalleled expertise in building safety and resiliency, Consulting Services, Inc. (CSI) provides the most trusted and comprehensive inspection and consulting services to the construction industry. We serve as a critical step in the construction process to identify and solve problems, minimize costly errors, improve quality of construction practices and protect public safety.

With four ICC Certified Master Special Inspectors and over 20 ICC Certified Special Inspectors, we offer our clients a team of highly experienced, well professionals with more than 30 years of
real-world, on-the-job experience ensure construction of safe, sustainable, affordable and resilient structures.

Our team of nationally recognized ICC certified professionals are accredited by the leading global source of codes and standards and have completed extensive testing, certification and continuing education through an industry leading organization recognized by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE).

Our ICC certified inspectors utilize modern methods agile processes, technology-enabled communications, real-time tracking and thorough reporting to quickly deliver critical information to project teams that streamline construction processes and timelines without sacrificing safety or quality of the project.

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Expert Guidance & Application of ICC Standards

As ICC certified industry experts, we apply the codes and standards that designers, architects, builders, contractors and municipal officials rely on and trust for evaluating and attesting to the safety of building related products, systems, materials and methods.

Our team guarantees inspections undergo a rigorous technical evaluation to ensure compliance with the most recent, applicable ICC certified codes and standards. We provide our clients with technical consulting, comprehensive solutions, and efficient, time-saving processes to ensure faster building plan approvals and permitting

As a leader in building safety, our advisory services and inspections advance collaboration, harmonization and best practices while adhering to building safety, construction, maintenance, and occupancy standards across local jurisdictions in 14 states along the Southeastern United States.

We pride ourselves on effective communication between design professionals and contractors, testing companies and the building officials to ensure conformance with approved design and construction documents and report nonconformities and discrepancies to building officials, owners and contractors.

CSI is committed to protecting public health, safety and welfare. As a member of the largest international association of building safety professionals and decades of experience, we are committed to providing our clients with extensive information, tools and resources to achieve the highest level of regulatory compliance and improve business operations.

Our nationally recognized credentials, enable CSI to provide our clients with expertise in testing, inspection and certification that instills confidence and trust. We pride ourselves on the professional relationships we established, and our customer satisfaction and loyalty as resulted in a strong client base of referral and repeat business across Kentucky, Ohio and the Southern US.