Consulting Services Inc. (CSI) is a Lexington, Kentucky-based firm is one of the most experienced geotechnical engineering firms in business today. The geotechnical services we perform include:

• Study of Subsurface and Foundations
• Study of Slope Stability
• Design of Excavation Support
• Monitoring of Settlement Analysis
• Design of Pile Foundations
• Testing of Pile Load
• Analysis of Wave Equation for Pile Driving
• Design of Rock Excavation
• Preparation of Earthwork Specifications
• Design & Review of Construction Dewatering
• Mechanical Stabilization of Earth Slopes
• Design of Retaining Walls
• Recommendation of Technical Specifications for Drilled-Shaft Design and Load Testing
• Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
• Ground Improvement

Prior to the construction of any building, dam, highway or other structures, geotechnical studies must be done to determine soil conditions at the site and how these conditions will react to the stress of structure weight. With a team of geotechnical engineers and certified technicians with an average of 30 years of experience, our depth of expertise provides our clients with sound engineering advice and solutions to proceed with a variety of construction projects.

We Deal With “Dirt” While Keeping You “Clean”

Our geotechnical engineering services may deal directly with dirt, but our goal at CSI is to keep you clean from as many of the costly issues, delays, and earth-related problems as possible. With every project, we aim to answer the important question: “What is this project trying to accomplish?” With the experience and knowledge that our geotechnical engineers have under their belt, we approach every recommendation with value, schedules, constructability, and quality in mind.

CSI’s geotechnical engineers perform field testing, expert analysis and ongoing monitoring to ensure our clients receive accurate, high quality information regarding feasibility of projects. From start to finish, our certified technicians conduct various studies of subsurface conditions and provide feasibility, structural and economic advice. We determine ground conditions, underlying geology and hydrology, employing geologic mapping and other techniques if needed. From soil sampling to laboratory testing, our studies determine the reaction of site soil to stress conditions. Based upon our findings, we provide design recommendations, and when warranted, we observe during construction and provide modifications when necessary.

Let Us Be Your Geotechnical Engineering Partner

Our geotechnical engineers are International Building Code (IBC) certified and have extensive experience in tackling large-scale, difficult, high-end and specialty projects. With offices in Kentucky and Ohio, and a robust volume of repeat and referral business, CSI offers extensive knowledge of geophysical conditions throughout the Ohio Valley and Southern US.

At CSI, we place a strong value on communication with our clients in order to satisfy their needs and bring the project in on budget. Our work ethic is driven by unmatched integrity, professional level knowledge and adherence to standards by a team committed to supporting our clients and their business objectives.

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