Flex Films

Geotechnical & IBC Special Inspection Services Provided for the Construction of a Large Manufacturing Facility

CSI Provides Geotechnical & IBC Special Inspection Services for Flex Film’s Manufacturing Facility in Lexington, Kentucky

A world leader in the manufacturing of packaging films, selected Consulting Services Incorporated to provide Design Geotechnical, Value Engineering and IBC Special Inspections services for Phase I of their multi-phase 180,000 s.f. Flex Films (USA), Inc. manufacturing plant.

This facility will manufacturer BoPET film, a polyester film that will be applied to food and beverage products on the largest film line of its kind in the United States. Phase I will create 125 new jobs with plans for completed facility to emply 250. This is Flex Films (USA), Inc.’s first greenfield project in the US.

Project partners include:

Gray Construction and MSE of Kentucky, both of Lexington Kentucky.

The project equipment was extremely intolerant of settlements or movements of the soil or subgrade conditions. The site soils were moderately to highly plastic fat clay soils (moderate to high swelling and shrinkage potential). The depth to bedrock was also over 100 feet deep in many locations.

CSI provided geotechnical services to the owner, design and construction including effective alternatives to drilled piers for the foundations. In this case, this included rammed aggregate piers. The plastic soils were also stabilized using both lime and cement treatment. We were able to arrange meeting and negotiations with specialty geotechnical contractors (Geopier and Mt. Carmel) to get the project designed, budgeted and constructed.


CSI Provided IBC Special Inspections as it relates to the Kentucky Building Code. Specifically, these services include:

1704.2 – Fabricators
1704.3 – Steel Construction
1704.4 – Concrete Construction
1704.7 – Soil Construction