Guaranteeing Safety, Quality and Peace of Mind
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At CSI, we don’t just provide Special Inspections we are the experts providing innovative solutions using unmatched expertise, up-to-the-minute technology, and uncompromising integrity.

CSI is uniquely qualified to provide a full range of special inspection services to ensure construction projects are fully compliant, and built to the highest safety and quality standards. Our team of highly experienced, well qualified staff offer our clients more than 30 years of combined engineering and construction industry experience, advanced degrees, extensive training and certifications.

With two International Code Council (ICC) Certified Master Special Inspectors
and over 20 ICC-certified Special Inspectors, we offer our clients the level of service they require and deserve.

Expertise That Creates Real Value

CSI is go-to resource for engineers and construction managers throughout the project lifecycle from permitting to final Certificate of Occupancy.

We are a business partner to owners, builders and contractors offering seamless costing and estimating services, and careful planning to minimize costs and provide timely services to avoid expensive time delays, rework and budget overruns.

We are trusted by architects, structural and civil engineers as a Special Inspections firm that gets the job done quickly, effectively and to the highest standards. We apply sophistication in observation, inspection and testing, sound engineering principles and judgement, and keen problem solving skills to identify and solve problems as work proceeds.

We Are Committed To Achieving Your Goals

Over the last 10+ years, CSI has built a reputation for excellence in residential, commercial and industrial development projects across 14 states along the Southeastern United States.

Our special inspectors utilize modern methods agile processes, technology-enabled communications, real-time tracking and thorough reporting to quickly deliver critical information to project teams that streamline construction processes and timelines without sacrificing safety or quality of the project.

We maintain local, experienced, and professional engineers, certified special inspectors and team members who know how to navigate the nuances of rules, regulations and implementation guidelines for construction, maintenance, and occupancy standards across different jurisdictions.

Why Do You Need a Special Inspection?

Special Inspections verify specified construction materials, how they are applied, and the materials made from them, and are all following proper design intent. Special Inspections must comply with International Building Code (IBC), National Building Code and specific requirements, code enforcement and implementation by state and local jurisdictions.

With the best team of geotechnical engineers, and ICC certified Special Inspectors, you can be confident that CSI has the expertise in both special inspection and construction materials testing, knowledge required evaluate complex sites and conditions, and offer our clients peace of mind in the quality, safety, cost and compliance of their construction projects.