Taking Land Surveys & Site Planning to the Next Level

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At Consulting Services, Inc. (CSI), we have invested in the most advanced technologies to provide our clients with quick, cost-effective topographic mapping and land surveying services as a critical first step in the construction / development process.

CSI’s team of highly experienced, well qualified professional engineers offer a fully licensed, insured Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) services for site planning, geotechnical engineering, emergency / forensic response and construction inspection for a wide range of infrastructure, commercial and residential real estate projects.

Our services allow for safe access to reach the most difficult to reach locations and comprehensive coverage of large parcels / building sites. Our use of the most advanced technology-enabled solutions enable us to provide comprehensive, cost-effective topographic plans, maps and reports with a quick two-day turnaround.

We specialize in: Pick from list on CSI UAS page

Topographic Surveys
Site Planning and Civil/Geotechnical Engineering
Aerial Imaging / Ariel Topography
Aerial Mapping/Photogrammetry
Topographic Mapping
Vegetative Cover Estimates
Property documentation for very large sites or large structures
Large Spec Warehouse with Mass Grading
Embankment Modelling
Site Repair Estimates
Dam, Levee, and Berm Design
Rock Cut Slope Designs and Engineering
Large Earthwork Progression and Volume Estimation
Emergency Response / Forensic Assessments
Damage assessments: buildings, property, crops, etc.
Thermal scanning for remaining “hot spots” of fires
Safe and fast way to assess damage and assess the amounts of personnel, equipment, and materials to have a proper response.
Slope Stability and Levee Certification
Construction and Property Inspection
Quantity Verifications: Earthwork-topsoil, mass fill, stockpiles
Quarries and Power Plants: stockpile verifications
Post storm/weather event damage assessment
Construction material assessment and quantity verification
Construction progress documentation
Steel Inspections: difficult or unsafe areas
Thermal scanning: loss of heat/cooling system efficiencies
Dams/berms/ponds: various scanning techniques to detect possible leakage or instabilities

Know the Lay of the Land

Topographical mapping and land surveys are the first step in construction design, geotechnical engineering and site planning. At CSI, we provide total visibility over the land to ensure construction projects can be completed in the most safe, efficient and economical way.

Our topographic mapping services provide the most accurate assessments, essential information and actionable insights enabling engineers, architects and contractors to make informed decisions prior to breaking ground.

Using proven methods, experienced experts and the latest technology, we gather information through detailed studies and measurements in the field, conduct thorough data analysis and interpretation, and prepare clear, easy to understand reports.

No matter how extensive your topographic mapping and land surveying needs, from regulatory compliance to determining proper placement of placement of utilities, roads and structures to make the most use of the natural landscape, elevations and other natural element, CSI has the expertise and experience to deliver solid, well thought-out, reliable solutions that help our clients navigate a myriad of challenges and create sound site plan, budget and timelines.

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Pushing the Boundaries for Topographic Mapping

Our UAS drones are equipped the most advanced aerial photography, GPS/satellite positioning, GIS data, digital cameras and 3D scanning technologies to achieve unmatched access, coverage, accuracy and precision.

We utilize industry leading surveying techniques, analytics and reporting to gather precise data create accurate assessment and interpret our findings in an easy to understand format so that nothing is missed.

For Quick Response, Excellent Imagery & Comprehensive Mapping CSI is the leader!