Shayne Brashear


Shayne Brashear is one of the co-founders and President of CSI. He oversees all operational and financial activities for the company.

Mr. Brashear has integrated his knowledge and experience to lead the day-to-day critical services for CSI. He is responsible for the management and has the necessary vision to ensure that the company has proper operational controls, financial controls, administrative reporting procedures, and systems in place to effectively grow the organization and to ensure financial strength and operating efficiency.

In addition, Mr. Brashear oversees all construction activities for CSI. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in implementing construction services, QA/QC programs and performing geotechnical laboratory testing and Special Inspection services. He has a long record of successfully managing and developing field investigation programs, performing and overseeing field-testing services on a variety of projects throughout the geotechnical, civil, environmental and construction/engineering industry. As the construction services leader, he maintains quality as a primary goal, setting the example with over 15 personal industry certifications including NICET Level IV and a Master of Special Inspections (MSI).

His specific areas of expertise include; shallow foundations, drilled piers, auger cast and driven pile foundations, ground/site improvement (geosynthetics, lime/soil-cement, and pre-loading), special inspections and construction materials testing for soil, masonry, asphalt, concrete, structural steel and fireproofing, floor profiling for industrial floor flatness and levelness, structural assessment and structural troubleshooting and landfill QA/QC. He has worked on construction projects in 14 states under almost every site condition known. Mr. Brashear is recognized as a leader in the landfill construction testing industry for Solid Waste, Power Facilities and Superfund sites.

Mr. Brashear’s experience and knowledge of geotechnical engineering along with his strategic planning, risk management, and technical support staff development has helped evolve CSI into a recognized leader in the industry.