E. John Hansen

Vice President

Mr. Hansen is an Associate Owner of the Cincinnati Ohio office. He holds a Business Administration degree from the University of Cincinnati. Joining CSI in December 2012 and now serving as the Director of Projects for CSI, he is responsible for overseeing all aspects of CSI’s projects to ensure the quality is being performed at a high standard, with the professional experience that our clients rely upon.

Mr. Hansen brings over 21 years of construction materials testing and International Building Code (IBC) Special Inspection experience. He has managed large projects throughout Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, New York, Florida, Illinois, West Virginia, and California. His experience is derived from all types of materials, including both laboratory and field materials testing for landfill systems, structures, earthwork compaction, cement and lime stabilization of soils, auger cast and driven pile foundations, drilled pier foundations, cast-in-place concrete evaluations, masonry walls, asphalt pavements, structural steel, cold-formed metal, sprayed-on fireproofing, roofing systems, foundation waterproofing, epoxy anchor tension, floor flatness and levelness and other tests as required. His experience also includes providing landfill Quality Assurance and Control services on projects throughout Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, and Indiana.

Mr. Hansen has managed and performed laboratory testing services for Standard& Modified Proctors for clay, aggregate, fly ash, and lime stabilized materials; Atterberg Limits; California Bearing Ratio (CBR) testing; Gradation testing of clay and aggregate materials; hydrometer, soil permeability, unconfined compressive strength, soil classification, moisture content, relative density, consolidation, direct shear, and specific gravity; Concrete; concrete compressive strength testing; concrete flexural strength testing; concrete maturity testing, asphalt extraction, and gradations; PVC and GCL liner.

Mr. Hansen’s strengths include working with the client through multi-level communications during the project to assure the anticipated deliverable is met. This is a critical component necessary to solidify client relationships.