Bruce Hatcher

PE – Chief Engineer

Mr. Hatcher is an Associate Owner of the Lexington, Kentucky office. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mining Engineering and a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering, both from the University of Kentucky. Joining CSI in January 2010 as the Chief Engineer, he is responsible for the overall direction of the corporation and the assurance of high-quality engineering service to the clients. Mr. Hatcher provides support for projects requiring expertise in geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing, and inspection services as well as environmental engineering studies.

Mr. Hatcher has extensive experience in the fields of civil and geotechnical engineering, construction engineering, materials testing and analysis. His primary experience includes technical direction of geotechnical engineering projects, geotechnical field investigations, and analyses for numerous public and private sector clients. Much of his geotechnical engineering experience has been gained from working on projects in the areas of dam design and evaluation, shallow and deep foundation systems, earthworks and site development, soil improvement techniques, sinkhole investigation, pavement design, and various pipeline projects, including the use of trenchless technologies. Other project experience includes the management of Quality Assurance/Quality Control activities. Predominant project experience includes levee, embankment, and other large projects of similarity.

He has also worked on numerous large retaining walls and floodwalls. He has successfully completed geotechnical explorations and geotechnical design work on many of the larger utility and infrastructure projects in the Ohio and Tennessee River Valleys. He holds Engineering licenses in Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Indiana, and Arkansas.

Mr. Hatcher’s expertise, talent, and strategic understanding of the geotechnical engineering industry is a much-needed strength as we advance our presence and expand our services.