Barry Bishop

PE – Vice President

Mr. Barry Bishop is an Associate Owner of the Lexington, KY office. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering, as well as a Masters degree in Construction and Geotechnical Engineering, both from the University of Kentucky. Joining CSI in July 2013, he serves as the Director of Geotechnical Engineering for CSI Lexington.

Mr. Bishop has been responsible for the overseeing and management of many of CSI’s projects. Mr. Bishop’s extensive experience allows him to help assure the best quality of engineering for our clients. His experience includes technical direction for engineering projects, analyses, as well as geotechnical investigation. The majority of his geotechnical experience has come from projects pertaining to drilling, test pit excavations, levee and flood wall design, earthworks and site development, and soil improvement techniques. Additionally, his experience within CSI includes a variety of project types including industrial, site development, commercial, multi-use facilities, educational, earth embankment and dam projects, as well as Karst related studies and repairs. Other project experience includes the management of Quality Assurance/Quality Control activities as well as project management.

Mr. Bishop is a Licensed Engineer in the following states: Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, West Virginia, South Carolina, Utah, and Nevada.