Steel Inspection

Given our depth of geotechnical expertise, we are able to assure that your project is sound in every dimension possible.

When you are undertaking a construction project, material testing, including steel inspection, is a critical step in assuring the safety and success of your endeavor. Look no further than Consulting Services Incorporated (CSI) to work with you to test and assure that your construction materials meet the highest standards of safety and quality in the fields of engineering and construction. When you are seeking the best guidance possible, you will find that our firm is fully equipped to work with you on steel inspection, along with testing for concrete, soils, aggregates, masonry and asphaltic concrete.

Consulting Services Inc. has been in business since its founding in Lexington, Kentucky in 2009. With offices in Lexington and Cincinnati, Ohio, we have added to our professional staff, always hiring team members who are credentialed by national organizations, including certification in construction material testing i.e. steel inspection and testing. Given our depth of our geotechnical expertise, we are well prepared to assure that your project is sound in every dimension possible, verifying that the construction materials comply with the project’s specifications and will serve your construction project well through the years, resisting deterioration and avoiding potential failure.

When you combine the talents of the professional team at CSI with our corporate mission to operate with integrity to the benefit of our clients, you will recognize this combination will serve your project well. When it comes to steel inspection, there are a number of elements for which CSI will inspect, including elemental analysis, corrosion testing, hardness, welding testing, appropriate surface preparation and more. Steel inspection plays an integral role in assuring quality control for your project and must be performed by certified experts. We continuously invest in our testing services with strong team members and state-of-the-art testing equipment. CSI’s Unmanned Aerial Inspection Services (UAS) provides an excellent method for safe access while inspecting steel in hard-to reach areas. The team of professionals at CSI takes steel inspection seriously, recognizing the importance of this work for our clients and their projects. We will give our clients the information needed on properties, performance, strength, durability and corrosion.

As a full-service engineering consulting firm, one of the reason’s clients return to us with additional projects is the importance we place on communication every step of the way. We will work with you to clearly understand the work you are asking us to perform and all of our reports, including steel inspection reports, will be thorough. We have built our company on a promise to perform your project professionally, on time and on budget. We clearly understand that steel inspection and other forms of material testing are crucial to the success of your project and that the timing of this work is critical. You can rely upon materials inspection performed by CSI along with all of the other consulting services we perform as a full-service engineering firm.

As you begin to plan the construction of a new building, expand an existing building or renovate a facility, schedule a consultation with Consulting Services Inc. Construction material testing, including steel inspection, is an essential step in any construction project and CSI is ready to respond to your project with innovative services that will perform well long-term and are cost effective. If you have a question or want to discuss your project, give us a call in Lexington at (859)308-6021 or in Cincinnati at (513)252-2059. You will quickly recognize that Consulting Services, Inc. is an engineering firm with the depth of experience that will serve you well on your next project.


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