Soil Compaction Testing

Soil compaction testing, sometimes referred to as density testing, is done to determine the soil compaction level.

Soil compaction testing is one of the many services provided by Consulting Services, Inc. (CSI), a full-service geotechnical firm providing engineering services revolving around our geotechnical expertise. Founded in 2009, CSI is headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky with additional offices in Cincinnati, Ohio. Through the years we have methodically added experienced engineers to our staff; currently every engineer at CSI has at least 15 years of experience. Over these years we have developed a great reputation for professionalism and effective communication with our clients. If you are seeking soil compaction testing for your next project, look no further than CSI. Given our geographic location, we have worked in nearly every state east of the Mississippi River and are familiar with the full range of soil conditions.

Soil compaction testing, sometimes referred to as density testing, is done to determine the soil compaction level. CSI will compare the soil density at your field site with laboratory compaction (Proctor) and sieve tests. CSI will record the result as a percentage. The required percentage is established by the design professional, geotechnical engineers or the building code.

At CSI we employ several methods for performing soil compaction testing. Soil compaction testing, typically required by contract or specifications to be the responsibility of the contractor, is mandated by building code for buildings and the Department of Transportation for roadways. To not perform soil compaction tests for a building could result in settling, cracking or catastrophic failure. A road would rut, crack and/or develop potholes. Our geotechnical expertise at CSI allows us conduct preliminary soil compaction testing along with ongoing observations and testing on soils to determine how best to accommodate your construction project. Our team is prepared to conduct all the necessary laboratory and field tests to deem that the requirements of the project will be met. Performing proctor tests and sieve tests in our lab allows our field team to accurately assess field soil compaction tests with regard to optimum moisture content and the maximum dry density of soils.

Soil compaction testing is vital to construction of building foundations, roadways, walkways and retention structures. Consolidated Services, Inc. has the bandwidth to perform this testing along with a full range of materials testing services and all of the other services one would expect from a consulting firm specializing in engineering and construction service.

When you contact us at CSI about soil compaction testing, you will immediately recognize how much we value our clients and their projects. It doesn’t get more fundamental in construction than testing the soil to assure that it can foundationally support the building, roadway or other type of project you are developing. It is both the essential starting point as well as a condition than needs to be monitored throughout the construction process and you can count on Consulting Services, Inc. to handle this work professionally and responsibly. This is how we have structured our firm, how we have grown our firm and how we have been able to consult successfully on a broad variety of projects for our clients. If you have a question or want to discuss soil compaction testing for your next project, give us a call in Lexington at (859)308-6021 or in Cincinnati at (513)252-2059. You can count on soil compaction testing that will be done professionally, on time and on budget.


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