Slope Design

CSI slope design plans for a new slope or trimming an existing slope include cut angles and ditch catchment dimensions.

Consulting Services, Inc. (CSI) is one of the most experienced geotechnical firms and our engineering services revolve around our geotechnical expertise. Founded in 2009, CSI is headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky with offices in both Lexington and Cincinnati, Ohio. We have worked extensively throughout the region with our extensive consulting services having touched nearly every state east of the Mississippi River. This vast geographic area in which we provide geotechnical services has given us an incredible knowledge of varying soil and rock conditions.

If you are looking for rock cut slope designs and engineering, Consulting Services, Inc. has the depth of experience you want for this important work. Each of our staff engineers has at least 15+ years of experience and, as a team, you can rely upon us for slope design recommendations that will withstand the test of time. Our recommendations take both stability and cost into consideration. Our slope design plans for either a new slope or trimming an existing slope include cut angles and ditch catchment dimensions. The cut angles we recommend are the steepest angle to successfully provide both stability and low maintenance. We will provide a plan for catchment ditches in order to prevent falling rock from reaching the highway.

Time is an important element to consider in slope design and this varies with its use. Highway slope design, for example, will be designed with a working life of many decades. On the other hand, slope design for a temporary excavation will have a much shorter life, perhaps only weeks to months. Another important element to plan into slope design is displacement: what level of displacement can be tolerated under particular circumstances. Many projects cannot tolerate any level of displacement. The engineers at Consulting Services, Inc. will plan around these criteria: time and displacement.

Whether your slope design project is for new cuts or for existing unstable rock slopes requiring stabilization, CSI is prepared to deliver your project on time and on budget. With regard to mitigating an existing slope, our plan may include rock scaling, rock bolts, slope mesh, buttresses and rock fall barriers. Our employees are fully credentialled to perform a full-range of engineering services, including slope design. We pride ourselves on our close working relationship with our clients and you will find us readily accessible for communication on your project.

When you contact us at Consulting Services, Inc., we will be available to discuss your project. Given our experience in the eastern half of the United States, you will recognize that we have the background to work in your region. As a full-service engineering firm, we are qualified to work with you on your project from start to finish. If you have a question or want to discuss a project, give us a call in Lexington at (859)308-6021 or in Cincinnati at (513)252-2059. You will quickly recognize that Consulting Services, Inc. is an engineering firm with a depth of experience that will serve you well when you bring your project to us.


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