Sinkhole Exploration

When CSI performs sinkhole exploration, we focus on locating potential subsurface problematic conditions & their extent.

Consulting Services, Inc. (CSI) is one of the most experienced geotechnical firms in business today and our engineering services revolve around that geotechnical expertise. Our firm was founded in Lexington, Kentucky in 2009 and maintains headquarters in Lexington with additional offices in Cincinnati, Ohio. We have conducted geotechnical services throughout the entire Ohio River Valley and in nearly every state east of the Mississippi River. This widespread geographical delivery of services has served to familiarize our team with the broadest range of soil and subsurface conditions.

When you are seeking sinkhole exploration services, look no further than CSI. Our Kentucky location actually places us in the #7 region of the nation for sinkholes. Kentucky is home to thousands of sinkholes and is one of the most famous karst areas in the world. Between the underlying limestone and dolomite, about half of Kentucky has a subsurface of soluble rock. Given this, underground water eats away at the rock, creating a void that eventually leads to collapse. Think: National Corvette Museum located in Bowling Green, Kentucky with its sinkhole collapse that ate eight cars! We thoroughly understand the importance of sinkhole exploration.

When CSI performs sinkhole exploration for clients, the focus is to locate potential subsurface problematic conditions and assess their extent. CSI sinkhole exploration services also extend to planning and repairs. Thorough exploration and engineering are essential to evaluation of any site for development and construction worthiness. Various sinkhole exploration techniques and data-gathering techniques the we use include:

  • A review of geology and hydrogeology existing data through current maps, aerial photographs, contact with local agencies and property owners, publications and any previous studies that have been conducted.

  • Soil Borings: tests for soil and rock stratigraphy, soil strength and consistency and location of voids and loose and raveling zones.

  • Cone Penetrometer Soundings: while providing information similar to the information gleaned from soil boring, this process can be faster and more economical.

  • Groundwater Monitoring Devices: upper groundwater table levels can be monitored through the placement of piezometers.

  • Geophysical Methods: several methods, including seismic surveys, electro-magnetic conductivity and ground penetrating radar are able to detect anomalies in the overburden profile.

At Consulting Services, Inc. we believe that while all of these tools are valuable, the most important tools are the engineers on the project. While using technology in sinkhole exploration, our experienced engineers also have an innate sense of the proper level of study to obtain the appropriate information.

CSI also performs sinkhole investigations for existing structures where a sinkhole has presented or is imminent. After our geotechnical study is completed, we present recommendations for stress alleviation and ground repair of sinking or caving. In the case of a proposed new structure, if concerns are detected, we will provide alternative approaches, including location suggestions, soil improvement and foundation options that will provide stability.

The team at Consulting Services, Inc. is readily available to discuss sinkhole exploration. As a full-service engineering firm, we are qualified to work with you on your project from start to finish. If you have a question or want to discuss your project, give us a call in Lexington at (859)308-6021 or in Cincinnati at (513)252-2059. You will quickly recognize that Consulting Services, Inc. is an engineering firm with a depth of experience that will serve you well on your next project.


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