Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Services

CSI’s UAS (unmanned aerial system) Services are fully licensed, insured, and developed from the point of view of engineering, construction, and planning.

Our UAS Services listed includes fully qualified engineering personnel to gather the information, provide in-depth and detailed maps and figures, as well as detailed engineering reports and designs. The following is a growing list of UAS Services offered by CSI.

Site Planning

  • Aerial Images
  • Topographic Mapping
  • Vegetative Cover Estimates

Large Spec Warehouse with Mass Grading

Site Planning and Civil/Geotechnical Engineering

  • Aerial Topography in conjunction with Drilling (Earthwork Quantities)
  • Embankment Modelling
  • Site Repair Estimates
  • Dam, Levee, and Berm Design
  • Rock Cut Slope Designs and Engineering
  • Large sites: quick, simple topographic plans

Large Earthwork Progression and Volume Estimation

Emergency Response as well as Forensic Assessments

  • Quick response, quick imagery and mapping!
  • Damage assessments: buildings, property, crops, etc.
  • Thermal scanning for remaining "hot spots” of fires
  • Safe and fast way to assess damage and assess the amounts of personnel, equipment and materials to have a proper response.

Slope Stability and Levee Certification

Construction and Property Inspection

  • Quantity Verifications: Earthwork-topsoil, mass fill, stockpiles
  • Quarries and Power Plants: stockpile verifications
  • Post storm/weather event damage assessment
  • Construction material assessment and quantity verification
  • Construction progress documentation
  • Steel Inspections: difficult or unsafe areas
  • Thermal scanning: loss of heat/cooling system efficiencies
  • Dams/berms/ponds: various scanning techniques to detect possible leakage or instabilities
  • Property documentation for very large sites or large structures

Advantages over "traditional” means

  • Quick/Easy/Safe/Less Expensive
    • 2 day turnaround
    • Single person crew in lieu of two persons-easy to schedule
    • Difficult to reach places—not an issue with a UAS!
    • Unsafe areas - UAS’s offer safe access
    • Less Personnel = Less Expensive!

Soil Nail Wall Remediation Testing, Documentation, and Monitoring

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