IBC Special Inspections

At CSI, we take pride in having our construction engineering professionals certified by the International Code Council as Special Inspectors. However, if you do not know what Special Inspections are, then this may not mean much to you. Continue reading to learn more about IBC Special Inspections.


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What Are Special Inspections?

Special Inspections verify the specified construction materials, how they are applied, and the materials made from them, and are all following proper design intent. These inspections help reduce costly failures. With this certification, you can be confident that CSI has the building code knowledge required to understand and verify the code requirements.



Construction Inspections


Construction Inspections

CSI is the best team of geotechnical engineers to work with because of all the IBC Special Inspection services we provide. These include:
  • 1704.2 inspection of fabricators
  • 1704.3 steel construction
  • 1704.4 concrete construction
  • 1704.5 masonry construction
  • 1704.6 wood construction
  • 1704.7 soil construction
  • 1704.8 pile foundations
  • 1704.9 pier foundations
  • 1704.10 wall panels & veneers
  • 1704.11 sprayed fire-resistant materials
  • 1704.12 ext. insulation & finish systems
  • 1704.13 special cases
Construction Inspection
Steel Construction Inspections
Steel Construction Inspections
When inspecting steel construction materials, our staff is certified to evaluate the welding process and the procedures used to construct structures. With steel construction inspections, our CSI team ensures that the weld is clean and sturdy.
Steel construction

Concrete Construction Inspections
Concrete Construction Inspections
When conducting concrete construction inspections, our geotechnical engineering professionals look at the type of concrete used, if the concrete was poured properly, and assess how the concrete mix was used. This, along with checking the reinforcements and how the concrete was cured, gives us a sense of how safe the concrete structure is.
Concrete inspection
With over 20 ICC-certified Special Inspectors in Kentucky and Ohio — including four Master Special Inspectors — we don’t just say we provide Special Inspections, we actually do Special Inspections. Contact our geotechnical engineering firm, if you have any questions.

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