IBC Special Inspections

CSI takes pride in encouraging our construction engineering professionals to be certified by the International Code Council as a special inspector.

Special inspections help to reduce costly failures by verifying the specified construction materials are used, their applications and that the materials are constructed as per the design intent. As of August 2015, we have 23 ICC certified Special Inspectors in Kentucky and Ohio; this includes 4 Master Special Inspectors. This certification provides you with the assurance that CSI has the building code knowledge required to understand and verify the code requirements. CSI does not just say we provide Special Inspections, we do Special Inspections.

IBC Special Inspection Services Provided

  • 1704.2 inspection of fabricators
  • 1704.3 steel construction
  • 1704.4 concrete construction
  • 1704.5 masonry construction
  • 1704.6 wood construction
  • 1704.7 soil construction
  • 1704.8 pile foundations
  • 1704.9 pier foundations
  • 1704.10 wall panels & veneers
  • 1704.11 sprayed fire-resistant materials
  • 1704.12 ext. insulation & finish systems
  • 1704.13 special cases

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