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At Consulting Services Incorporated (CSI), we provide engineering services that cover a wide scope of geotechnical, environmental, and construction services including materials, coordination, and management. Our team has conducted geotechnical engineering services in nearly every area and condition in the Ohio River Valley and in most states east of the Mississippi River. CSI is one of the most experienced geotechnical engineering firms in business today. Get in touch with us to learn more.


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Find the Solution You Need With Our Experience

CSI has the resources, technology, and experience to provide you with innovative solutions for your geotechnical engineering needs. Our projects are divided into four categories: environmental services, materials testing and inspection (MT&I), geotechnical engineering services, and special inspections. Let us know how we can help you today!


Geotechnical Services We Provide

Geotechnical Services We Provide

At Consulting Services Incorporated, we provide a number of geotechnical services, including:
  • Site assessments and soil reports
  • Design and construction recommendations
  • Earthwork planning, estimating, and site selection services
  • Foundation, retaining wall, reinforced slope, dams/levees, and other geotechnical design
  • Geotechnical related site civil engineering (slopes, drainage, earthwork, etc.)
  • Geologic and mining studies
  • Pavement and site utility studies
  • Geophysical surveys (resistivity/conductivity, GPR, MASW, etc.)
  • Soil and rock drilling/sampling
  • Seismic studies and analysis: IBC/KBC, site development, seismic risk, liquefaction studies, seismic design, etc.
  • Forensic investigations: settlement of structures, slope failures, soil/rock issues, etc.
  • Karst/sinkholes/caves: assessments and designs for planning and repairs
  • Unmanned aerial system (UAS) documentation, photography, volumetric estimates, topographic imaging, site mapping, and inspections
  • Landfill services: borrow studies, liner repair, QA/QC engineering, materials engineering, geotechnical issues, etc.
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We Deal With “Dirt” While Keeping You “Clean”

Our geotechnical engineering services may deal directly with dirt, but our goal at CSI is to keep you clean from as many of the costly issues, delays, and earth-related problems as possible. With every project, we aim to answer the important question: “What is this project trying to accomplish?” With the experience and knowledge that our geotechnical engineers have under their belt, we approach every recommendation with value, schedules, constructability, and quality in mind.




Who We Are

Consulting Services Incorporated is a diversified consulting firm that specializes in engineering and construction science with respect to finite subsurface and construction observation. Since 2009, our goal has been to support our clients in the engineering and construction fields by providing quality solutions to every project. 




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