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Consulting Services Incorporated is well-equipped and experienced to perform seepage analysis.

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Groundwater seepage impacts construction, maintenance and long term performance of highways and highway structures, geotechnical, civil hydrogeological and mining engineering projects, necessitating seepage analysis. It is clear that excessive and uncontrolled subsurface water can have devastating consequences, resulting in pavement failure, light flooding, slope failure and failed projects as the goals of the client are not met.

Highways that have not controlled for subsurface and subpavement water during planning and construction will suffer poor long term performance with strong economic consequences. There are many sources of groundwater that can enter pavement subsurface:

  • Infiltration through surface cracks

  • Lateral seepage from nearby ditches

  • Landscape irrigation and road shoulders

  • A high water table

  • Water rising from the water table underlying the surface

  • Weather-related water accumulation

  • Nearby siphons and culverts that have been poorly sealed

  • Plugged culverts

Slope instability can occur based upon several causes:

  • Seepage from irrigation ditches and ponds above the slope

  • Cut sections which intersect the water table

  • Rain and snow accumulation that infiltrates and lubricates active failure planes of the slope

CSI's professional team will conduct on site investigations and subsurface exploration using a range of well-recognized methods. Soil borings and test pits if appropriate are used to analyze subsurface materials and groundwater elevations are determined during seepage analysis. If irrigation ditches are a potential concern, these will be tested during irrigation season if necessary.

Seepage analysis is an important element of determining a plan to deal with groundwater control. When you are planning a project, your consultation with Consulting Services Inc. for geotechnical analysis will provide you with the assurance that as your project moves forward, you have built the foundation of your project based upon sound engineering advice from professionals who are known for their expertise, use of up-to-the-minute technology, and uncompromising integrity. We pride ourselves on our strong communication skills so that at any point during our work with a client we will be communicating where we are in the project and what we are doing. Our reputation is important to us and we have been rewarded by our clients with return business and referrals to new clients. You will recognize the value of our work at Consulting Services Inc. as it contributes to the safety and quality of your project.

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Conducting seepage analysis is a critical step to the success of geotechnical engineering projects. Consulting Services Incorporated (CSI), a Lexington, Kentucky based engineering consulting firm, is well-equipped and experienced to perform this analysis. CSI is staffed with engineering professionals who are credentialed to provide sound engineering testing and solutions. Our staff has an average of over 15 years of experience, providing us with the expertise to conduct the work of our clients accurately and cost-effectively.

CSI has multiple locations throughout Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee and North Carolina - providing our team with familiarity of the soil throughout both the Ohio Valley as well as in most states east of the Mississippi River. Understanding the principles of water flow through these various types of soils, Consulting Services Inc. has the capacity to conduct seepage analysis to determine seepage quantities, pressures and forces.


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