LG&E / KU Cane Run Power Plant


Location:  Louisville, Kentucky, Cane Rune Station

Client:  Utter Construction and Bluegrass Power Constructors

The new "No. 7” Natural Gas Combined Cycle Facilities of over 300,000 square feet in size, including two gas turbine units, one steam turbine unit, cooling tower and associated structures. Mass fill area of over 20 acres along with over 750,000 cubic yards of off-site borrow materials.

This project involved bringing Kentucky its first natural gas combined cycle generating unit taking over two and a half years and over two million construction hours to construct. Working through the winter, especially earthwork construction, is very difficult in Kentucky. Wet weather, clay soils, freezing weather....all these lead to delays and sometimes impossible conditions. 

CSI used our experience to assist the designing engineer and construction managers (Bluegrass Power Constructors) and contractor (Utter) to locate and approve suitable soils and granular materials to allow construction to proceed during most of the winter and still provide a high quality product for the Owner. Consequently, saving the team time and money by using quarry spoils in lieu of quarry "high cost” materials.

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