KY Department of Transportation Hires CSI as Geotechnical Design Engineer

CSI Provides Valued Engineering for the Kentucky Department of Transportation:

Clays Mill Road is a 3.7-mile urban minor arterial through a mixed-use area consisting of residential, school, church, and some commercial land. The road improvement project extends between Harrodsburg Road and Twain Ridge. Increased development in southwest Lexington has resulted in increased traffic on Clays Mill Road. Current traffic volume ranges between 15,000 and 20,000 vehicles a day. City transportation planners estimate that traffic volume could be between 20,000 and 25,000 vehicles a day by 2020. The area has also experienced a large number of accidents (363 in one 21-month period), many of which were rear-end collisions.

The project is designed to relieve congestion and improve safety while maintaining the road’s residential character.


Project Design Recommendations:

  • Add a middle turn lane along the entire route, with right turn lanes at major intersections.
  • Add bicycle lanes on each side of the road, in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan, the MPO’s Year 2025 Transportation Plan, and Greenway Master Plan recommendations.
  • Add five-foot sidewalks on each side of the road. Throughout most of the project, the existing back edge of sidewalk location will remain the same.
  • Add an extra through lane at four major intersections: Man o’ War, Wellington Way, Pasadena Drive, and Rosemont Garden. This would result in local widening to five lanes at these intersections, with a sixth lane for right turns in a shorter portion of the area. This "extra widening” would result in necessary right-of-way acquisition at the Pasadena and Rosemont intersections.
  • Increase safety by increasing access to local driveways, adding new sidewalks, eliminating roadside ditches, improving drainage, and adding a significant landscaping element.

Impact on Trees:

Between 30 and 40 trees could be lost. An inspection of these trees has found that a majority of these trees are in decline, diseased, or have suffered storm damage. Numerous trees will be planted in the landscaping portion of the project; at locations where existing trees are impacted, large caliper, specimen-quality trees will be planted.

The project participants included Lexington Fayette Urban County Government, Woodall Construction, Allen Construction, CDP Engineers and CSI.


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