Phase II Environmental Site Assessment By Geotechnical Engineers

When is a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment Needed? 

Consulting Services Incorporated is well-equipped and experienced to perform Phase II Environmental services.

When environmental due diligence requires environmental analysis to go beyond the scope of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, this triggers the performance of a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment. If during the Phase I Assessment by Consulting Services Incorporated (CSI) the likelihood of site contamination is determined, Phase II, a more intrusive investigation, is conducted. Some of the more common contaminants that may have been detected include petroleum hydrocarbons, heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, asbestos and mold. This assessment must be conducted before the project can move forward.

Consulting Services Incorporated is an engineering firm specializing in consulting engineering and construction science. We have the expertise to provide geotechnical and environmental services that will provide you with confidence that our work is professional, implements up-to-the-minute technology, and will be conducted with uncompromising integrity. We are dedicated to providing you with the services you need to maintain your project on time and on budget.

CSI recognizes that it can be unnerving when you encounter a potential environmental contamination and, if warranted, remediation of this problem. Cost and time considerations are a natural concern. The team at Consulting Services Inc. has the professional expertise and credentials to take you through this process, communicating along the way, alleviating your concerns over your project. Our team members average over 15 years of experience in engineering and construction and your Phase II environmental site assessment will be conducted by professionals committed to accurate results and sound geotechnical engineering advice. CSI will develop the scope of work to conduct this assessment with the appropriate level of thoroughness.

While Phase II environmental site assessments will vary according to the findings from Phase I, the investigation conducted by CSI may include:

  • Sampling of soil and groundwater for laboratory analysis of potentially harmful chemicals

  • Sampling and analysis of sediment and surface water

  • Soil vapor analysis

  • Groundwater flow modeling and analysis

  • Geophysical surveys

  • Vapor encroachment

  • Contaminant source differentiation

When it is necessary to proceed to a Phase II environmental site assessment, the expertise available from the CSI professional team is invaluable. We have offices throughout the Ohio Valley and have worked in most states east of the Mississippi River. The experienced engineers at CSI are knowledgeable of applicable state and federal regulatory standards and, if it is determined based upon the Phase II findings, that remediation steps need to be taken, Consulting Services is equipped to recommend a remediation plan that will move this phase to closure.

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Our credentials, our engineering expertise and our outstanding work ethic will work to provide the engineered solution that will keep your project moving on time and on budget. Our commitment to client satisfaction often results in return business from clients and business-to-business referrals. Our selection of experienced, quality and professional team members has allowed Consulting Services Inc. to create a reputable and reliable consulting firm that will help you when you need it the most.


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