Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Testing soil for contaminants is an important step in the work of Phase I Environmental Site Assessment by CSI.

Need a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment?

One of the core services provided by Consulting Services Incorporated (CSI) is Phase I Environmental Site Assessment. At CSI, we have team members who are certified and experienced to perform this work and will conduct this assessment professionally and keep the concerned parties in the loop throughout the process. Most often these assessments are done as a step in the due diligence and decision-making process for property decisions. Other triggers for a Phase I Assessment include a change of land use permit, the current property owner's interest in understanding the property more comprehensively and a public agency suspecting toxic conditions on this property.

What's in a Environmental Site Assessment Report?

The performance of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment includes a visit to the site and review of history and conditions that may affect property value or create a financial liability. The site visit will also include observation of adjacent properties for evidence of spills, existence of storage tanks, possible sources of PCBs and improper use of hazardous substances. The professional engineers at Consulting Services Incorporated have extensive experience in this work and, with their knowledge of soil science, contaminant hydro-geology, and remediation, the assessments performed by CSI are thorough and reliable.

Our Phase I Environmental Site Assessment meets the most current ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards and includes the following:

  • Sampling and testing of soils and groundwater for various contaminants

  • Wetlands identification and delineation

  • Site Selection Consultation Initial Stream and other Ecological Assessments

  • Planning of construction for Environmental Remediation

  • Construction inspection of Environmental Remediation

Upon conclusion of the assessment, CSI will deliver a written report of findings and conclusions that is comprehensive and clear. We will deliver your Phase I Environmental Site Assessment accurately, on time and on budget. At CSI our corporate philosophy is centered on delivering sound engineering solutions. Environmental assessment is an essential process in today's environment. The professionals at CSI have great technical expertise as well as a commitment to communicate with the client throughout the process. Clients benefit from the experienced professionals at CSI, currently averaging over 15 years of experience.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Infographic

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We maintain all of the essential certifications for the work that we do and hold a sound work ethic based on our knowledge and abilities. Focused on providing excellent service to our clients, Consulting Services Incorporated has grown its volume of loyal clients through existing client referrals based upon their great experience with CSI.

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