IBC Inspections

What is an IBC (International Building Code) Special Inspection? "Inspection as herein required of the materials, installation, fabrication, erection or placement of components and connections requiring special expertise to ensure compliance with approved construction documents and referenced standards.”

The professionals at CSI are certified to perform International Business Code inspections, a critical step in construction.An IBC Special Inspection for building components identified in IBC is required whenever the design of these components is required to be performed by a professional engineer or architect. Types of work for applicable construction where an IBC Special Inspection is required are:

  • Fabrication (Steel, Pre-Cast Concrete, Wood)

  • Structural Steel

  • Concrete

  • Masonry

  • Wood Construction

  • Wall Panels and Veneers

  • Soil Construction

  • Pile and Pier Foundations

  • Sprayed Fire-Resistive Materials

  • EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finishing System)

  • Smoke Control

  • Special Cases

It is imperative that these inspections be performed by credentialed experts. Consulting Services, Incorporated (CSI)'s Special Inspector will observe and test the project for compliance with the approved and permitted construction documents. Construction Material tests will be reviewed for conformance to the design documents and requirements. It is the IBC Special Inspector who is responsible for reporting IBC Special Inspection observations and tests to the building official, owner and contractor, particularly reporting nonconformities and discrepancies.

Much of the work in geotechnical construction engineering requires special knowledge, expertise and attention. Because of CSI's strength in IBC Special Inspections, CSI has improved communication between design professionals and contractors, testing companies and the municipal building official, while providing safe structures for the public.

IBC Special Inspections can save the expense of costly errors by improving the quality of constructional practices and protecting public safety. When CSI conducts an IBC Special Inspection, we communicate clearly and keep accurate records, while driving to keep the project moving forward. All of this work begins with qualified personnel performing these inspections and currently 23 members of the CSI team are credentialed by the International Code Council as IBC Special Inspectors. This number includes four of our team members who are certified as Master Special Inspectors.

Consulting Services Inc., headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, is a business that takes pride in the work that it does. Its team of professionals is motivated by a work ethic centered on expertise, up-to-the-moment technology and uncompromising integrity. We value our great relationships with our clients and are grateful for their repeat business and their referrals of our professional services to other companies.


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