Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar is a technology used in geological surveys, environmental studies, and construction projects.

One of the most valuable tools deployed in geophysical engineering is Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). If you are seeking GPR services for your project, you will quickly recognize when you contact Consulting Services Inc. (CSI) that you have come to the right place. CSI is a full-service engineering consulting firm that provides a broad array of engineering services. At CSI we perform a number of geophysical services, including Ground Penetrating Radar.

CSI was founded in Lexington, Kentucky in 2009 and has experienced healthy growth over the years. With offices now in both Lexington and Cincinnati, Ohio, our firm has worked in almost every state east of the Mississippi River. This wide footprint has enabled the growth of our expertise and our clients benefit from the knowledge we have gained and the value this brings to the work we perform for them. We have undergone an amazing growth in our team of experts, with all of our engineers bringing at least 15+ years of experience to the work for our clients.

Ground Penetrating Radar is an effective technology used in geological surveys, environmental studies, construction and re-construction projects. Operated through the deployment of electromagnetic waves into the ground, these waves are reflected by subsurface structures or utilities and detected. GPR is used to locate underground storage tanks, buried manholes, concrete structures, septic tanks, water and sewer lines and unmarked gravesites. Ground Penetrating Radar is broadly used for the safe, less destructive detection of buried known or unknown utility lines. Ground Penetrating Radar scans are effective at finding PVC, plastic and concrete pipes. The data generated by Ground Penetrating Radar is critical information needed to get your project moving and avoid incidents causing work stoppage.

Another common use of Ground Penetrating Radar is concrete scanning. Consulting Services Inc. is prepared to deploy a specialist with a small handheld control unit that is able to function accurately even in tight, close quarters. Ground Penetrating Radar is able to detect hazards within a concrete slab that is up to 16” thick. GPR has become a dependable tool for assuring that concrete coring goes smoothly. Ground Penetrating Radar is used to determine concrete slab thickness, concrete density and presence of voids. Embedded hazards in concrete such as rebar, PVC pipes and electrical conduit are also identified accurately through the use of Ground Penetrating Radar.

Through the years, Consulting Services Inc. has demonstrated to our clients that the most valuable tool we have is our experienced team members. While performing surveying accurately is critical, the detailed data interpretation which we report to our clients is vitally important. We pride ourselves on strong communication skills that assure that the interpretation of data is understood and incorporated into the scope of the project. Skill at interpreting the results of Ground Penetrating Radar is acquired over time – and you will benefit from our long-term experience providing GPR services.

The team at Consulting Services, Inc. is readily available to discuss Ground Penetrating Radar. As a full-service engineering firm, we are qualified to work with you on your project from start to finish, providing a full range of engineering services and consults. If you have a question or want to discuss your project, give us a call in Lexington at (859)308-6021 or in Cincinnati at (513)252-2059. You will quickly recognize that Consulting Services, Inc. is an engineering firm with a depth of experience that will serve you well on your next project.


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