Geotechnical Drilling

CSI is among the most experienced geotechnical firms & our engineering services revolve around geotechnical expertise.

When your project requires geotechnical drilling, look no further than Consulting Services, Inc. (CSI). We are one of the most experienced geotechnical firms in business today and our full-service engineering services revolve around geotechnical expertise. Headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky with a second office in Cincinnati, Ohio, we have been in business since 2009 and have developed an excellent reputation for high quality work and professionalism.

When your project calls for geotechnical drilling, one of the many engineering services offered by CSI, we have assembled a team that will guide your work from start to finish. If your project involves building construction, our drill team is fully credentialled, meeting the International Building Code requirements for “qualified personnel” who are on-site during all drilling and sampling: this includes both a driller and a geotechnical engineer. You can rely upon the accuracy of our boring sites as they are located with total-station technology. Consulting Services, Inc. has the right equipment and specialized expertise to deliver excellent results, even in the most difficult conditions. Additionally, at CSI we have an AES (unmanned aerial system) to provide comprehensive 3-dimensional sub-surface site mapping.

At CSI, we know that although a project may appear to be essentially above ground, the project begins with critical sub-surface work. Our extensive technical expertise qualifies Consulting Services, Inc. to participate in the most challenging drilling projects in specialized areas. Geotechnical drilling services performed by CSI to meet the needs of our clients include:

  • Site planning: rock soundings for determining soil thickness, topsoil quantities, borrow area suitability and depth to top of rock

  • Soil investigation: drilling and sampling for conventional geotechnical reporting

  • Conventional soil auguring: both hollow stem and solid flight

  • Multiple diameter drilling tools for ease and usage options

  • Standard penetration testing/split spoon sampling

  • Rock coring and sampling: NX/NQ

  • Rock cut slope designs and engineering

  • Down hole camera and video logging

  • Menard pressure meters and other instrumentation

Consolidated Services, Inc. is led through the expertise of engineers, all of whom have at least a minimum of 15 years in the field of engineering. With a corporate philosophy of providing sound engineering solutions to construction related engineering projects, we are equipped to deal with complicated, large-scale client projects. Whether you are looking for geotechnical drilling services or any of a broad array of geotechnical engineering services, CSI is equipped to perform a broad range of services. Our team is credentialled in numerous areas of engineering services, allowing you the security of knowing that your project is in great qualified hands.

When you contact Consulting Services, Inc., you will find a team of professionals with a proven record of success on engineering projects that serves as a foundation upon which our next project builds. With offices in Lexington, Kentucky (859)308-6021 and Cincinnati, Ohio (513)252-2059, we are known throughout a multi-state region for the quality of work we do. Bring us your next geotechnical drilling job and see for yourself how seriously we take your work.


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