Geophysical Engineering

Geophysical engineering is the scientific method of locating, studying & extracting a range of resources from the earth.

If you are looking for a firm to perform geophysical engineering services for your project, you can rely upon Consulting Services Inc. to do this work with professionalism and reliability. Consulting Services Inc. (CSI) is one of the most experienced geotechnical firms in the business today. Our services revolve around our geotechnical services and we have a depth of experience in geophysical engineering. We founded our firm in Lexington, Kentucky in 2009 and have offices in both Lexington and Cincinnati, Ohio. Over time we have added a number of engineers to our team, each and every one of them having 15+ years of experience.

Geophysical engineering is the scientific method behind locating, studying and extracting a range of resources from the earth – including minerals, ores, precious gems, water and gasses. Geophysical engineering methods provide an accurate assessment of sub-structure. To do geophysical engineering services, such as surveying and mapping, CSI uses a variety of geophysical instruments and methods including Resistivity/Conductivity, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and MASW Seismic Surveys. Numerous other tools are utilized on geophysical engineering projects when you come to Consulting Services Inc. The professional team at CSI has the resources and talent to deliver geophysical engineering services – with a powerful emphasis on talent. While we have the resources to perform a wide range of tests, we believe that the skill and oversight of the team members delivering geophysical services is the most important element in doing work for our clients. Talent, training, attention to detail – you can rely upon this when CSI performs your geophysical engineering services.

As a full-service engineering consulting firm, Consulting Services Inc. performs a broad array of geophysical engineering services which include geophysical subsoil studies, environmental remediation, hydrogeology, mining, oil and gas exploration, engineering geophysics, assessment of real estate, concrete scanning, forensic science, line location, agriculture and much more. CSI performs ground surveys and monitoring in areas prone to landslides, karst areas and geological hazards. We conduct geophysical exploration of tunnel routes and seismic exploration of tunnel roads. We perform non-destructive assessment of road surfaces and contamination sites. We implement borehole tomography for karst and cavity exploration and borehole radiation for karst exploration.

Consulting Services Inc. takes great pride in all of the work that we do for our clients, including geophysical engineering services. We fully understand the significance of the work we do and its importance to the safety and quality of your project. The work that we do assists our clients to avoid costly issues down the road, work delays and earth-related problems. We have worked in nearly every state east of the Mississippi River and this broad geographic footprint has prepared us for our work under nearly every circumstance. We often grow the expanse of work we do for our clients as clients experience the professionalism with which we deliver services.

Geophysical engineering services are an important line of work for us at CSI and our expertise will bring you the accurate information you need to move confidently forward with your undertaking. Clear communication with clients is a strong commitment at CSI. When you contact Consulting Services, Inc., you will find a team of professionals with a proven record of success on all types of engineering projects, including geophysical engineering services. With offices in Lexington, Kentucky (859)308-6021 and Cincinnati, Ohio (513)252-2059, we are known throughout a multi-state region for the quality of work we do. Bring us your next geophysical engineering job and find out for yourself how seriously we take your work.


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