Geomembrane Testing

Projects in which geomembranes are used: landfills, landfill covers, liquid waste lagoons & spill containment systems.

Geomembrane Liner Testing, Inspection & Quality Assurance

One of the many engineering services we provide at CSI is geomembrane testing. Geomembrane is a low-permeability membrane barrier or liner used with any geotechnical engineering related material for the purpose of controlling fluid or gas migration in a project, system or structure, or soil.

Geomembrane testing is performed to meet several objectives:

  • Geomembrane Performance testing: performance properties must be determined.

  • Geomembrane Index testing: did the manufacturing and installation process adhere to quality standards?

  • Geomembrane Durability testing: identification of the materials used to determine whether or not the appropriate resins and batches were used.

When is a geomembrane liner used? 

Typical projects in which geomembranes are used include municipal landfills, hazardous solid waste landfills, landfill covers for closure, liquid waste lagoons and spill containment systems. Given the critical nature of these projects, it is clear that geomembrane failure must be avoided, thus the importance of geomembrane testing.

Geomembrane testing falls into two categories: index and performance. Index geomembrane testing is conducted under standardized, ideal and isolated conditions. Given pre-defined criteria, these tests are designed to compare various materials. Performance geomembrane testing is conducted under a particular set of conditions, with the intent of modeling conditions while analyzing geomembrane performance.

At Consulting Services, Inc., knowing the important purpose that geomembrane serves in a project, we are committed to providing high quality geomembrane testing services. Our team is fully credentialed and takes every project we do seriously. When you come to CSI for geomembrane testing, you can rest assured that your testing is comprehensive and will give you the accurate, comprehensive results you need for your project.

Why CSI?

Consulting Services, Inc. is a well-established consulting firm specializing in engineering and construction services. We are one of the most experienced geotechnical firms in business today and much of the work we do revolves around geotechnical services. Since our founding in 2009 we have assembled a team of engineering professionals with a wide breadth of expertise, positioning us as consultants with the licenses and certifications to practice over a broad region of the country. Headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, with offices in Cincinnati, we offer a range of in-house environmental services and are eager to work on planning, construction and maintaining your project.

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Contact us at Consulting Services, Inc. for more information on who we are, what we do and how you can move forward in confidence with CSI performing your geomembrane testing. When you tap into our experience for your solution, you are accessing a team of engineers who each have at least 15 years of experience in the fields of engineering and construction. Your project deserves the best and when you come to Consulting Services, Inc., that is what you will get.

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