Environmental Remediation

Site preparation work may involve environmental remediation including removal of debris such as barrels and tanks.Founded in 2009 in Lexington, Kentucky, the core business of Consulting Services Incorporated (CSI) is providing sound engineering solutions to construction related engineering projects. Environmental Remediation is an area of engineering that has grown significantly throughout our years in business. We value the many companies which have looked to CSI for professional services and guidance for this critical and complicated work. At CSI we are equipped to evaluate the concerns that have been raised, often around contaminated soil or groundwater contamination, with a client's property or project. We have the in-depth training and hands-on experience to provide your environmental remediation work for you. We deploy an integrated approach to this assessment, often beginning with a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment. We will research the history of the site, how it was used and the materials that were used. Based upon these findings, we will determine the appropriate site samplings and chemical analysis to be done.

If it is determined that remedial actions need to be taken, Consulting Services Inc. will determine and set up a protocol for the work to be done. Because we have a practical background of doing environmental remediation for a number of years, we are prepared to recommend the assembly of a team that will do an thorough and professional job implementing this protocol. Our experience has equipped us well to assemble a team of talent to accommodate both the scale and complexity of this environmental remediation project. At this stage of the process, CSI will guide and oversee the project to assure that it is implemented in conformity with our recommendations. Safety and efficiency will always guide this work. Throughout the process we assure you a seamless, integrated experience with CSI and other operational groups performing the remediation.

Environmental Remediation can be a stressful, challenging experience for a client and the combination of professionalism and experience with environmental remediation at CSI can help to put to rest the concern of the client as this work is assessed and performed. Our professional staff, with an average of over 15 years experience in the field, has the depth of expertise needed to manage your project successfully. We know this process well and we place a high priority on communication with our clients throughout this work. CSI brings great value to your environmental remediation project with our experience and regulatory knowledge. We are committed to getting the job done right and within the client's budget. The approach by Consulting Services Incorporated to environmental remediation is grounded in technically sound solutions that will resolve your environmental issues and keep your project moving.


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