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Consulting Services Incorporated (CSI) is a Lexington, KY based consulting firm specializing in geotechnical consulting engineering and construction science with respect to finite subsurface and construction observation. We provide a full range of services including engineering, IBC Special Inspections, environmental services and construction material testing. Keep scrolling to learn more about our construction material testing services, and be sure to contact CSI to answer any questions you may have and to get a quote for your construction testing and inspection services.

Top-Rated Construction Material Testing Services

Our firm was founded in 2009 when several professionals with significant experience came together and incubated this company. At the current time our team members average over 15 years in this industry. As our work has attracted a base of clients with diverse needs over time, we have added several engineers and construction engineering specialists, providing us with an excellent team of qualified professionals committed to the CSI corporate goal of providing sound engineering solutions to construction related engineering products. Learn more about our geotechnical consulting engineering company and see what we can do for you.
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Construction Material Testing Solutions We Offer

Construction material testing is a significant element of the work that we do at CSI. We provide testing and inspection services for concrete, soils, aggregates, masonry, asphaltic concrete and steel. When you use the construction material testing services of CSI, you are assured that your work is being done by certified professionals fully trained to work with this particular testing. In our corporate culture of assuring that this work is professionally conducted by certified team members, you will recognize that our team members are credentialed by national organizations that specialize in the domain of construction material testing.
  • NICET – National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies
  • AASHTO Materials Referencing Library (AMRL)
  • FACE – Concrete Floor Testing
  • CCRL - Cement and Concrete Reference Library
  • ACI - American Concrete Institute

One of the services performed by CSI is Construction Material Testing to determine that appropriate materials are used.Why You Need Construction Materials Testing


When you are constructing a new building, expanding an existing building or renovating a facility, it is critical that the materials being used have been tested and meet the highest standards of quality and safety in the engineering and construction industries. It is essential to verify that the construction materials being used comply with the project specifications and will serve your construction project well through the years, resisting deterioration and avoiding potential failure. Construction Services Incorporated will partner with you for construction material testing, the results of which you can rely upon to protect your construction as you improve and/or expand your corporate footprint. You will experience that integrity at CSI is interwoven throughout our full corporate DNA. Construction material testing is a critical component of any construction related engineering project and the performance of this testing by credentialed professionals assures that a project will move forward with appropriately chosen materials that provide both safety and quality.

One of the services performed by CSI is Construction Material Testing to determine that appropriate materials are used.

Why Partner with CSI?


At CSI, we pride ourselves on the professional relationships we continue to build with our clients. Because our clients experience our knowledge, integrity, ability and commitment as we partner on their project, this reputation has brought us client loyalty with numerous additional projects for clients and referrals to other potential businesses that expands our client base. Construction material testing is a must-do step in any construction project and CSI is ready to respond to your project with innovative solutions that will perform well long-term and are cost effective.


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