Construction Inspection Services

One of the services performed by CSI professionals is construction inspection, determining that the plan is being followed.


One area of specialty within Consulting Services Incorporated (CSI) is Construction Inspection Services. CSI's personnel are highly trained, certified and have the experience to provide testing and inspection services for a wide range of construction projects. Our firm takes pride in its exceptional inspectors and our team stays in close communication with the client throughout the process. Construction Inspection services at CSI are performed by certified inspectors who work with the best interest of the project in mind.

CSI conducts Construction Inspection Services for both private and public projects. We have performed inspections on:

  • Building Construction

  • Site/Utility

  • Structure Integrity

  • Roads and Bridges


These inspections are performed to ensure that the work being done adheres to the project plans and specifications. Materials testing is an element of Construction Inspection Services when appropriate. Because our inspectors are cross trained in engineering design and inspection services, they are capable of recognizing any digression from plans and specifications. CSI with its team of experienced and credentialed professionals is able to provide construction inspection services with unmatched expertise. Clients benefit from the experienced professionals at CSI, currently averaging over 15 years of experience. At CSI we recognize that inspection is one of the most important elements in any construction project, both to serve the client well and to meet critical safety standards. All design projects deserve to be monitored through construction inspection to assure adherence to plans and specifications and this is facilitated by a qualified inspector. Construction inspection services can include:

  • Monitoring construction practices and the schedule

  • Verifying compliance with plans and specifications

  • Documentation throughout the inspection

  • Construction permits

  • Materials testing

  • Environmental protection

  • Safety in the work zone

  • Identification of deficiencies

  • Development of a punch list with follow-up inspection

When performing a construction inspection for your project, CSI will use sound judgment, our experienced field background, certified procedures for testing, comprehensive documentation and effective communication throughout the process. We will perform our work safely and efficiently, enabling the project to be done in compliance with today's regulatory and quality standards.

CSI is a firm that takes its reputation seriously. When you enlist CSI to perform Inspection Construction Services, it will be clear that we are committed to a business culture of integrity and high-level expertise. Our commitment to continuous quality improvement assures that we use up-to-the-minute technology and that our professionals continue to develop professionally. Consulting Services Incorporated has staked its reputation on quality, safety and client service. As our business has continued to grow, much of this growth is due to referrals from our satisfied clients at CSI who recognize the quality work that we do on their behalf.


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