Concrete Cylinder Testing

The professionals at CSI are certified to perform Concrete Cylinder Testing, a critical step in safe construction.

Concrete Cylinder Testing at CSI

Consulting Services, Inc.(CSI) is a geotechnical engineering firm and one of the many services it offers is Concrete Cylinder Testing. Founded in Lexington, Kentucky in 2009, the experienced engineers at CSI recognize the critical importance of material testing. Performing concrete cylinder testing is a critical step in construction, thereby clarifying that the concrete to be used on the job is suitable for the job. This cylinder testing measure is the most common performance measure used by engineers designing buildings and other structures.

The compressive strength of hardened concrete is tested in a process of pouring cylinders of fresh concrete and then measuring the amount of force required to break up this concrete at proscribed intervals during the concrete hardening time line. The Building Code Requirements for Reinforced Concrete proscribes particular test results in order to deem the tested concrete acceptable. Concrete cylinder testing must be performed multiple times (at least three standard-cured specimens must be tested) and if the strength tests do not result in acceptable strength levels, steps must then be taken to increase the strength of the concrete.

It is true that concrete does not reach its ultimate strength for several years. To delay this testing until that point would be completely impractical as it would create an impossible time line. This has been recognized by authorities writing these specifications; 28 days, selected by experts in the field, is the determined age to effectively test concrete. This is the agreed upon length of time during which substantial hydration has taken place. Obviously this allows for a manageable time line. At CSI we share the goal with our clients to keep a building project progressing on time and on budget.

When concrete cylinder testing is conducted by CSI, you will receive a detailed written report that will include identification of the test specimen, the calculated compressive strength of the specimen and the age of the specimen at the time of the test and notation of any break which could be considered abnormal.

The professionals at Consulting Services Inc. have a wealth of experience, with team members averaging over 15 years of experience in engineering and construction. We pride ourselves on the credentialing we have, certifying that when we conduct these tests, you can trust the process and the results.

The services we perform for our clients provide critical information to our owners on their business projects and we share, with our clients, a commitment to quality and safety. CSI is an engineering firm with a corporate philosophy of providing sound engineering solutions and our clients can rely upon our integrity, our knowledge and our abilities. When you are involved in a construction project, materials testing is a protection for your investment and provides assurance that the materials being used are in compliance with the materials called for in the specifications. With our emphasis on certification at CSI, you can rest assured that our professional team has both the expertise to perform needed tests with compliance to industry standards and commitment to communicating with our clients before, during and after the project. Many of our clients continue to consult with Consulting Services Inc. on further projects and we also are fortunate that the referrals from existing clients to new clients has helped us to successfully grow our business presence in the Ohio Valley.


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