Drilling Services

At CSI, we provide in-house drilling services to better serve our clients and to provide direct service to our projects.

We maintain a fleet of drill rigs in-house including ATV and truck mounted drills, as well as "skid" (off truck unmounted) rigs. The experience of our drill crews and managers will lead to quality services and since we are also an engineering firm, quality is always going to be precedent. All of our drillers and drill teams are fully trained on ASTM, DOT and USACE standards.

For projects involving new building construction, our drill team meets the International Building Code requirements for "qualified personnel" on-site during all drilling and sampling: a driller AND a geotechnical engineer. All of our boring locations are also located using total station technology for a trusted degree of accuracy.
We can utilize our UAS (unmanned aerial system) services to provide full site mapping to provide the total 3-dimentional model of the subsurface conditions at the site.

The geotechnical drilling services include:
  • Site planning: rock soundings for determining soil thickness, topsoil quantities, borrow area suitability and depth to top of rock
  • Soil investigation drilling and sampling for conventional geotechnical reports
  • Conventional soil augering (hollow stem and solid flight augering)
  • Multiple diameter drilling tools for ease and options of usage
  • Standard penetration testing/splitspoon sampling
  • Rock coring and sampling: NX/NQ
  • Rock cut slope designs and engineering
  • Down hole camera and video logging
  • Menard pressure meters and other instrumentation
We also provide environmental drilling and sampling as well as water/mineral exploration drilling:
  • Monitoring wells
  • Soil and water sampling
  • Direct push sampling
  • Sampling of bedrock for mine planning, mineral quality assessment and mineral quantity estimating
  • Water wells (agricultural and domestic)
We also have certified equipment operators in case the need arises for bulldozer support for access and/or the need for performing test pits via backhoe or other excavators.

Finally, we are not limited by our in-house capabilities and readily subcontract work for larger, difficult, high-end technical work and specialty drilling:
  • Barge drilling
  • Field vane shear testing
  • Mud rotary/wash drilling
  • Air rotary and percussion
  • Denison/piston sampling
We appreciate the opportunities for our existing clientele and look forward to the possibilities of providing our drilling and field services for our clients.